Common Myna - Confident and Invasive species(Indian Kabar)

Common Myna – Confident and Invasive species

Common Myna (Kabar) – Confident and Invasive species | Bird Photography The Kabar which is known as common Myna or Indian Myna. It is a member of the family Sturnidae native to Asia. You can identify this bird by its brown body, black head and legs are bright yellows. The Scientific name of this bird […]

Great leader can do always | Bird Photography

Great leader can do always

Great leader can do always| Bird Photography The leader is “a person who works with the group of people to the achieve the desired aim or goal”. To lead peoples is not the easiest task. No any organization or institute teach and talk about leadership. The successful leader has the following characteristics: Positive Attitude Confidence […]

The Sparrow facts

The Sparrow

The Sparrow The Sparrow is small sized bird that belongs from the family of small passerine birds, Passeridae. Sparrows are very social birds so they prefer live life near human settlements. Generally they build their nest underneath the roofs, under bridges and in tree hollows. It originates from North Africa however it additionally found in […]

The Pigeons

The Pigeons

The Pigeons The Pigeon shown in this picture is known as Rock or Feral Pigeons. Feral pigeons are also called city pigeons, or street pigeons. Latin name of pigeon is “Columba livia“. It is a Member of bird family named ” Columbidae”. There is approx 325+ varieties of pigeons are available. Many years ago, we […]