Small Stream of Water (You should never forget the small things when you will become successful in your life.)

Small Stream of Water

Small Stream of Water I have captured the small stream of water photo at Nyari Dam, Rajkot when we all friends went there for a photo shoot. My message from this post to all of you is “The importance of small things in our life“. Nowadays, The time and the world has gone so fast. […]

About Palitan Temple

Temple at Palitana

Temple at Palitana The Palitana – Holy pilgrimage place (Tirtha) by Jain community. Palitana is the only holy Tirtha in the world where there are more than 900 temples on the mountain. All the temples are made of white marble and construction of the temples began in the 11th century, and built by a period […]

The Natural Shape in the sky

The Shape in the Sky

The Shape in the Sky We already know that the sky is master to create the different shape. At once in our whole life, we have seen different shapes in the sky. The Shape appears in this photo looks like an elephant trunk who try to catch The Sun into its truck. This photo took […]

The Alone Tree

The Alone Tree

The Alone Tree I captured this sweet photo of this “Alone Tree” when I was going to Temple of Lord Shivji (Named FulNath Mahadev) at Limbdi. This Temple is very near from My Home. I love this Place. This Tree gives a message to all of us that message is that “ Standing alone doesn’t […]

The Red Flowers

The Red Flowers

The Sweet Red Flowers This photo of the “Red Flowers” taken at Ahmedabad when we all family member went to the temple. Flower always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul by Luther Burbank. The Photo taken using my HTC One X. Memorable days of my life […]