The Glory of Nature (Landscape Photography)

The Glory of Nature

The Glory of Nature – Nature Photography The God’s beautiful creation in the world is Nature and the glory of nature also gives the evidence of God’s Existence And Precision. Through nature, God is able to teach us. For example, When you visit the natural places to go away from your work during the holidays, […]

Your Key To Success Things To Learn From Life (Journey of Life)

Journey of Life

Journey of Life The Journey of life which start with our born and end with our death. The time between our born to death is called our Life’s journey. In that meantime, we’re learning a lot of things, so our life is fully filled with joys, celebrations, failures, difficulties and special moments/memories which we will […]

Rock Python in Ishwariya park at Rajkot (India)

Rock python in ishwariya park

Rock Python in Ishwariya park I have captured this photo of the rock python at Ishwariya Park, Rajkot. This python is not a real but The artist who made this extraordinary art, gave original shape to it so, it looks like the original. If the artist wants, they can do anything for their artistry. There […]

The Pani Puri

The Pani Puri

The Pani Puri The “Pani Puri” is the most famous street snack in different states in India. It is also most common snack for the countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The main ingredients to make the Pani puri are Flour, Onions, Potatoes, Chickpeas, Spicy water or Mixture water or Sweet water or Tamarind water(pani) […]