Tridax Daisy flower (Tridax procumbens, Coat Buttons, Mexican Daisy Wild flowers) by mylifesphotograph

Tridax Daisy Flower

Tridax Daisy Flower Tridax daisy: The binomial name of it is “Tridax procumbens“. The most common names for it are: Coat Buttons and Mexican Daisy. This plant family is Asteraceae (Compositae) which is also referred as daisy or sunflower family). It may grow to be 15 to 18 inches tall, sometimes taller. The center part […]

Unsound Flower by Ravi Shrimali

Unsound Flower

Unsound Flower I have captured this photo of unsound flower at TGB(The Grand Bhagwati) Hotel-Rajkot. I went there with my family for lunch. It was a very pretty cool atmosphere there because before a few hours ago, The rain was fallen there. I was wandering there and I saw the pretty flowers in the garden. […]

The Red Flowers

The Red Flowers

The Sweet Red Flowers This photo of the “Red Flowers” taken at Ahmedabad when we all family member went to the temple. Flower always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul by Luther Burbank. The Photo taken using my HTC One X. Memorable days of my life […]