Power To You - Little One - Baby Photography

Power To You, Li’l One! – Baby Photography

Power To You, Little One! | Baby Photography The planet may have been in existence for more than 4 billion years but for the just-born baby, this is a new world. Each baby comes to this world with a message from God – the message of love and peace, and care and concern. There is […]

Waiting for freedom (Types of Freedom)

Waiting for freedom

Waiting for freedom The Freedom: “doing the things what you want”. Don’t wait for the permission of others. Don’t depend on others to do such things in your life so you are the only one who has the rights to take your own decision. I have captured the photo of the Monkey in the Pradyuman […]

Small Stream of Water (You should never forget the small things when you will become successful in your life.)

Small Stream of Water

Small Stream of Water I have captured the small stream of water photo at Nyari Dam, Rajkot when we all friends went there for a photo shoot. My message from this post to all of you is “The importance of small things in our life“. Nowadays, The time and the world has gone so fast. […]