Natural photo of flying seagull - Bird Photography

Natural photo of flying seagull

Natural photo of flying seagull | Bird Photography Seagulls are also known as gulls or seabirds. Today, I share one of the best natural photos of flying seagull which has more than 25 different species in the world. I clicked the photo of seagull bird at Aji dam, Rajkot. They belong to the family Laridae. […]

Asian black bear in pradyuman park wildlife photography

Asian black bear in pradyuman park

Asian black bear in pradyuman park | wildlife photography I have captured the photo of Asian black bear, which is also known as moon bear or white chested bear at pradyuman park, Rajkot. These species of bear are medium sized and mainly native to Asia. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classified it […]

The Glory of Nature (Landscape Photography)

The Glory of Nature

The Glory of Nature – Nature Photography The God’s beautiful creation in the world is Nature and the glory of nature also gives the evidence of God’s Existence And Precision. Through nature, God is able to teach us. For example, When you visit the natural places to go away from your work during the holidays, […]

Memories never die (Good and Bad experiences of life)

Memories never die

Human Memories never die Welcome friend, Today, I am sharing one of my favorite mobile click which gives the message regarding “The Memories”. In another word, “The Memories of human”. Friend, We all know that our human memories have been filled with the good and bad experiences of our life. In short, They are the […]

Tridax Daisy flower (Tridax procumbens, Coat Buttons, Mexican Daisy Wild flowers) by mylifesphotograph

Tridax Daisy Flower

Tridax Daisy Flower Tridax daisy: The binomial name of it is “Tridax procumbens“. The most common names for it are: Coat Buttons and Mexican Daisy. This plant family is Asteraceae (Compositae) which is also referred as daisy or sunflower family). It may grow to be 15 to 18 inches tall, sometimes taller. The center part […]