Indian chameleon-Kachindo-Girgit- Wildlife Photography

Indian Kachindo (Indian Chameleon)

Indian Kachindo (Indian Chameleon photo) | Indian wildlife Indian Chameleon | Kachindo is the only species of chameleon found in India, Sri Lanka and other part of Asia. I have captured this photo of the Indian Chameleon of Nyari dam, Rajkot and this dam is 5 Km far away from the Rajkot. Nyari dam is […]

The Glory of Nature (Landscape Photography)

The Glory of Nature

The Glory of Nature – Nature Photography The God’s beautiful creation in the world is Nature and the glory of nature also gives the evidence of God’s Existence And Precision. Through nature, God is able to teach us. For example, When you visit the natural places to go away from your work during the holidays, […]

Rock Python in Ishwariya park at Rajkot (India)

Rock python in ishwariya park

Rock Python in Ishwariya park I have captured this photo of the rock python at Ishwariya Park, Rajkot. This python is not a real but The artist who made this extraordinary art, gave original shape to it so, it looks like the original. If the artist wants, they can do anything for their artistry. There […]

Evening at the Ancient Lake

Evening at the Ancient Lake

Evening at the Ancient Lake The name of the lake which I called the ancient in this photograph is the “Nakki Lake“. Nakki Lake is situated in the famous hill station of Mount Abu in Rajasthan. I have captured this photo at Nakki lake in the evening. The Nakki lake is about a half mile […]

Sequence of Groundnuts (Practice makes man perfect)

Sequence of Groundnuts

Sequence of Groundnuts I have captured this photo of these eight groundnuts at my home in Rajkot when i was at my home after returning from my job. I was just trying to learn “how to take the closure look of the objects“. when i was eating groundnuts, i thought to put it on the […]