Indian chameleon-Kachindo-Girgit- Wildlife Photography

Indian Kachindo (Indian Chameleon)

Indian Kachindo (Indian Chameleon photo) | Indian wildlife Indian Chameleon | Kachindo is the only species of chameleon found in India, Sri Lanka and other part of Asia. I have captured this photo of the Indian Chameleon of Nyari dam, Rajkot and this dam is 5 Km far away from the Rajkot. Nyari dam is […]

Waiting for freedom (Types of Freedom)

Waiting for freedom

Waiting for freedom The Freedom: “doing the things what you want”. Don’t wait for the permission of others. Don’t depend on others to do such things in your life so you are the only one who has the rights to take your own decision. I have captured the photo of the Monkey in the Pradyuman […]

The Lion and Lioness Images

The Lioness

The Lioness The Lioness – hope, constancy and victory. I have captured this photo at Pradyuman Park, Rajkot. In the photo, she looks too much innocent but in anger, she can do anything. I find some interesting facts about them from the internet which I want to share with you. Interesting facts about the lion […]

The Stare of White Tiger

The Stare of White Tiger

The Stare of White Tiger I have captured this white tiger photo at Praduman Zoo Park, Rajkot. If I talk about this park, this park is spread approx. in 137-acre of area. Everyday around 900-1000 peoples are visited the park. This park was opened by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation in 2010. I went there in […]