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The Book

Do You Know Your Real Self? | The Book Photography

I have captured this photo of the book at the sunset point in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. The Name of book that shown in this picture is “Do You Know Your Real Self?” which is written by B.K. Jagdish Chander Hassija. It is related to a dissertation on the self & consciousness from the viewpoint of Science, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Yoga, Religious & Commonsense. I read many chapters of this book but the topic which I like most is “The Difference between ‘I’ and ‘My’“. This TextBook is published by Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya Pandav Bhavan, Mount Abu(Rajasthan), India. Whenever you will visit the mount abu, do not forget to go to Brahma Kumaris at Mount Abu.

This photo is captured by using HTC One X.

Photo taken at: Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

The Below are the settings to capture this photo:

ISO: 100
Exposure Time: 1/263 sec.
Focal Length: 4 mm
F-stop: f/2
Flash Mode: No Flash, compulsory
EXIF Version: 0220

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