The Challenging Boy

The Challenging Boy

The Challenging Boy

I captured this photo of this challenging boy at Aji Dam, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. I called this boy as challenging boy because He is not begging from others. he tried to earn the money by hard work. I really impressed with this guy who also helps and earns the money for his family. Friends whenever you find the boy or girl like him/her. For humanity, Please purchase the goods from them without any reason to encourage them because they earn the money by hard work not by begging. If we will do it, they will encourage to earn the money by hard work and right way otherwise, at last, they will choose the way of begging. I also got the same message from other social media So, please feel free to share with others.

I captured this photo by using the Canon EOS 1200D. This is my first share photo which captured using my Canon EOS. Photo taken at: Aji Dam, Rajkot, Gujarat, India

The Below are the setting to capture this photo:
ISO: 100
Exposure Time: 1/320 sec.
F-stop: f/8
Focal Lenght: 60mm
Flash Mode: No Flash, compulsory
Resolution: 72 dpi
EXIF Version: 0230

6 comments on “The Challenging Boy

  1. Nice Post and Someone Says that If you are born as poor its not your fault but you are die as a poor its your fault! so salute to this Boy…

  2. I will find the needy boys at any places
    If I found , without fail I help to him/her.

    Nice advices and suggestions

    Salute the Indian men

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