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Walk towards inner peace | Nature Photography

Padayatra (journey by foot), opportunity to slow down and be aligned with the wondrous world of nature. The practice of these pilgrimages as part of spiritual discipline has been going on in India for thousands of years. It could be for social causes, or political purposes, or religious causes. Many people participate in this selfless journey for many reasons, some of them are to fulfill his vow, to do penance, to find peace of mind, for their introspection and spiritual renewal, to get rid of the material pleasures of the world, or praying for a particular purpose (like happiness prosperity, healing, good job, marriage, peace).

The photo which I share with you today is of Pavagadh Temple where thousands of pilgrims walk every day. It is the journey in which our feelings, faith, sacrifice, and self-confidence are connected. This is the journey in which you have something new in every step but don’t know what it is. If you have a question in your life about how to find inner peace with yourself?, So the answer is that there are many sources in which you can find peace but padyatra is one of them.

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This photo is captured using Nokia 8.1.

Photo was taken at Pavagadh Hill, Gujarat, India

The Below are the settings to capture this photo:

ISO: 110
Exposure Time: 1/33 sec.
Focal Length: 4 mm
F-stop: f/1.8
Flash Mode: No Flash
White Balance: Manual
EXIF Version: 0220
Captured Date: 30th-Oct-2019 06:26AM

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